Escape Into Introspection with Ghostly Kisses' EP 'The City Holds My Heart' [Interview]

Updated: May 5, 2019

Interview with Ghostly Kisses

photos by Jerry Pigeon

“I think melancholy is definitely part of Ghostly Kisses. But she gets happy moments,” solo artist Margaux Sauvé observes. From the opening track of ‘The City Holds My Heart’ EP, Ghostly Kisses envelops the listener in soft clouds of contemplation, every sound an expressive statement.

But what makes the songs so beautiful is her ability to be understated; to hold back in just the right ways to make every note have a gentle intent. Its minimalism has a velvety quality, as if the spaces are saying something, too. Each track creates an escape into a world of introspection for a few minutes. “To daydream in general; while walking in the park would be a good place,” Margaux envisions as the perfect listening setting.

Describing her music as “dreamy, sensual, and ethereal”, the Quebec singer-songwriter has a distinct persona surrounding the project, focusing on an enigmatic side of herself. “I think the mysterious and thoughtful persona is actually part of my personality and it is put forward into Ghostly Kisses,” she says. “The name was found naturally after writing few songs.”

Despite the refinement of the sounds we hear, making music is a fairly recent development for Margaux. “My roommate received a keyboard at our apartment a few years ago. He never really played on it, but I did and I started to compose and write songs.” And maybe this is why her music has such a purity, coming from a place of quiet inspiration.

While debut EP ‘What You See’ was shrouded in atmosphere, her second collection seems more organic. “Louis-Étienne Santais who produced the music and I spent almost a year discussing the project before really working on the music,” she explains. “I think it makes a big difference in the sound. The songs are more sitting, more mature; the lyrics are, too. There are also many more live instruments recorded, which brings much more depth into the music.”

What shaped this new sound? “For this album we were inspired by Portishead, Massive Attack, Dido; all bands that emerged in the 90s. We wanted to have a lot more instruments recorded for this EP instead of only electronic arrangements.” Out of the five elegantly crafted tracks, “Touch” stands out to Margaux. “I think it has the most professional sound and is the best composition. The process was done in a very natural way, too.”

The first visual representation of these songs is a music video for the title track, “The City Holds My Heart”. The split screen with grainy footage of Margaux and her surroundings has a reflective feel alongside the song. “The song speaks of a separation,” she describes. “I wanted to image the dilemma between freedom and sadness/nostalgia, all emotions and thoughts that can jostle through this kind of decision or moment.” The color palette helps to execute this vision, muted and soft.

In support of the EP, Margaux will be touring in February and March around Quebec's province, Toronto, Montréal, and New York City before releasing its sequel in 2019. Until then, we have a collection of five captivating songs.

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