VÉRITÉ's Artistic Vision Comes Alive in Baltimore [Interview]

Updated: May 5, 2019

Interview with VÉRITÉ

photos by Nicole Mago

VÉRITÉ is what the pop music scene needs right now - but she’ll never fit the cookie-cutter mold. With her shimmering synths and achingly beautiful vocals, each song is a blend of intricate, emotional sounds.

The originality doesn’t stop there, either. In her latest release of “Bout You” feat. Pell, she sings, “Some fire's burning, breathe in / Clear the smoke from my lungs / 
In a stare down conversation / Where you don't make a sound”. Her lyrics are coated with imagery, painting vivid pictures of human experiences. That same quality of imagery carries into her visual art as well - her video for “Saint”, which has now accumulated over 100,000 views, is a quirky yet confident depiction of apathy and isolation.

We had a chance to ask VÉRITÉ a few questions about production, touring, and her creative inspirations.

What are 3 words you would use to describe your sound to people who haven’t heard your music before?

Driving, dynamic, and emotional.

What is one of your favorite songs that you’ve made production-wise and why?

I feel like this answer changes every day, but currently I'm really proud of "Bout You" and just released a really cool remix featuring Pell. That song took on a lot of productions before I finished it how I did. I wanted to take a track that lived in a very electronic world and infuse organic, warm elements and instrumentation in to bring it into my world. I've come to love playing it live.

Art plays a big role in music as well, do you ever find yourself using art or photography as inspiration?

I love collage and surrealistic art that subverts reality. I feel like my music is a very real portrayal of reality in some ways, so I love the idea of drawing inspiration and a vibe from art that is opposite from how I write.

Have you ever been to Baltimore before?

I've never played a show in Baltimore, so I am very excited. I have visited the pier and a mall before. That's my whole knowledge of the city. I'm stoked to get to explore and experience some more.

You've been touring a lot right now, but what else should we expect in the future?

I have plans to do more of everything I have been. More writing, more touring, more albums. I'm really happy to be in a position to write, release and perform music how I do, so I'm intent on sharing a lot more this year.

Listen to VERITE’s debut album Somewhere in Between

“Bout You” feat. Pell

VÉRITÉ will be playing at Metro Gallery in Baltimore on February 26 alongside Roses & Revolutions. Don't miss it!

If you can't experience her incredible show in person, stay tuned for live coverage of the show on our snapchat (undertonesblog), and a complete concert experience video uploaded to our youtube channel shortly afterwards.

We are more than excited to have VERITE come to Baltimore, and for what she has in store for the future.

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