Majik’s New Single “Comes From the Subconscious” [Interview]

Updated: May 5, 2019

Interview with Majik

photos by Hannah Daisy

Much like the album cover featuring a starry cosmos, London band Majik’s latest single “X” has space. With its gentle chords, crisp beats, and vulnerable lyrics, it could be their most heartfelt release yet.

Majik, choosing their name to represent “the alchemy and mystery” of their music, consists of vocalist Marcus and producer/instrumentalist Jamie. They appeared on the scene in 2015 with their dual single ‘It’s Alright/Save Me’, establishing their distinct sound of smooth textures and magnetic atmosphere. After several singles, 2017 EP ‘Under The Influence’, and 2018 single “Animal” achieving over 17 million global streams together, “X” explores this musical territory even further. “I feel like [our sound] has matured a lot since the beginning and we are trying to push different boundaries on every track we make,” Jamie observes of this development.

Marcus describes “X” as “[coming] from the subconscious, the area we have no control over that reveals our internal battles when it chooses to. It makes me think of the way love channels through us for better or for worse.” The single-letter title is an enigma, and he’d like to keep it that way - “It’s a song I want to leave to one’s own interpretation as it came from the unknown. I feel that’s where it should remain.”

The band would sum up their music as “raw, emotional, and healing”, and this single balances each of these elements flawlessly, both in the vocals and the instrumental flavors. “Musically it came from a load of instrumental ideas I was working on at the time. Somehow they all seemed to merge together and compliment each other perfectly. When it works, it works!” Jamie explains.

How did this quality of sound emerge in the beginning? “A lot of experimenting! There was a time when we were heavily acoustic, recording in our bedroom but we also spent time apart developing ourselves. I took time to heal internally and Jamie developed his production and sounds. After a few months apart, we knew it was time to begin creating under this name and let it grow naturally,” Marcus answers. And when it comes to working as a duo, each song’s creation is unique. “Jamie can have an idea and when it’s right musically it sparks my lyrics, or I can have a concept that will leak onto a sound in our archives and we take it from there. We tend to work until we feel we have a ‘skeleton’ of a song and then work independently editing and both coming together along the way.”

“X” has a meaningful presence to it, putting the listener in touch with their most honest feelings. But it’s evident that all of their music has this capability as well, each song a journey of finding truth and understanding. When asked which of their songs they feel a particular connection to, Marcus expresses how he’ll “never forget the depth of ‘Closer’” and Jamie chooses “Save Me”, saying, “It was the song where I felt like I found my feet with our sound and also with my production style.”

In order to achieve this honesty, Majik draws from various influences. Jamie labels Bonobo the “soundtrack of [his] life”, and Marcus names Maribou State as a favorite, “forever searching for more of the beauty they create.” Outside of music, Jamie is inspired by “movies and adventures”, and Marcus by “emotion, nature, health, real life sounds, and thinking outside the box!”

When it comes to visuals, the band doesn’t disappoint either. Their latest project was filming a music video for their song “Animal”, which Marcus calls “epic”. “The video captures the raw emotion of isolation and how underneath it all we are all running from something. Our director Andy Morgan (Electric Light Studios) and his crew brought us to a landscape that spoke for itself. We got lost creating art in nature and feel like the piece grew organically,” he reveals.

The duo have had the opportunity to transfer their songs to a live setting as well, supporting EDEN across Europe and headlining a tour in Asia. “Playing live serves as a visual representation of how intimate of a process creating and performing music is for us. I write to connect and share; live shows encourage this connection to our audience,” Marcus says. They’ve had many memorable experiences on tour, but for him, “traveling by Tuk Tuk to a show in Bangkok was unforgettable!” And Jamie adds, “We played a load of gigs to all of these Chinese fans who knew the words to our songs. That was crazy!”

As far as what’s coming next, Majik is keeping us guessing. “A piece of work we are building with a concept we are hiding, for now. Stay with us.”

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